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Can we have our wedding at St Edmund’s?

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Photo credit: Paul Winzar at Paul Winzar Photography

Many couples have been married at St Edmund’s and many continue to forge a link with St Edmund’s through being married here.  

As well as deepening your commitment to one another, we hope the experience of getting married at St Edmund's might also provide an opportunity to make a connection with Christ and his church.

Getting married at St Edmund’s involves a pastoral process of preparation, because marriage is about more than the wedding. It might be useful to know that weddings at St Edmund’s must be conducted by an Anglican clergyperson using an Anglican order of service. These services involve prayers and Bible readings.

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However, you don't have to go regularly to church, or have some connection with St Edmund's to be married here. And if you do go to another church, we can see what can be done to honour that involvement.

Your wedding is a moment when you join all who have gone before you in exchanging time-hallowed vows of love and faithfulness. Church might be the right place for you to do that.

If you wish to speak to Ben, the rector, about a wedding at St Edmund’s, then use the contact form to be in touch, or by all means come to a Sunday service and introduce yourself to him.

He'd love to meet you.

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