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Can we have our wedding at St Edmund’s?

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Many couples have been married at St Edmund’s and many continue to forge a link with St Edmund’s through being married here.


As well as deepening your commitment to one another, we hope the experience of getting married at St Edmund's also deepens your connection with Christ and his church.

Getting married at St Edmund’s involves a pastoral process of preparation. Only an Anglican clergyperson can officiate at a wedding at St Edmund’s, and only an Anglican order of service can be used. As you might expect, the marriage services involve prayers and Bible readings, and are distinctively Christian.

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If you wish to speak to Ben, the rector, about a wedding at St Edmund’s, then use the contact form to be in touch. He will encourage you to visit a Sunday service if possible and will have some preliminary conversation with you.


If everyone is agreeable to going ahead, he will arrange a series of 5-8 meetings with you. Legally, one month’s notice is required before a wedding. Practically, several months will be needed to fit this preparation in. There are costs involved, and these will be discussed with you.


If you already go to another church, you may wish to do your marriage preparation through your own church, and if you go to another Anglican parish, you may wish clergy from your parish to take the service. Do raise these matters with Ben.

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