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We stand in the the Protestant and reformed tradition of the Anglican Church, as expressed in the Prayer Book and 39 Articles.


The Bible is central to our services. Each week we read it, and savour the good news from God that it contains.


The good news in the Bible is about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.


Jesus was a real person in history, a wise teacher, an uncompromising prophet and a compassionate healer. But he was more than that.


In Jesus, God walked with us.

He embraced our humanity with his divinity. He died for us on the cross, and he rose again on the third day so we can be reconciled to God.


We respond to God’s love by turning to him and putting our trust in him. When we do this we realise with joy that we belong to God and that by his Spirit he is with us and for us.


Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash


Jesus is a rock upon which we can build our lives, and at church we learn to build our lives on him.

At church we welcome anyone who is looking for something and is open to finding it in Jesus.


You don’t have to know what church is about to come, you don’t need to take part in things more than you are comfortable with, you don’t need to dress any particular way or bring anything.


We aim to be friendly and to be a place where all kinds of people can belong together, because God is bringing us together in Christ.


Photo by Winggo Tse on Unsplash

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